Hutstuf terms and conditions

Date last amended: 05/12/2022

Art. 1 General

The letter

Hutstuf Holding NV, Gestelhof 9 – 2590 Berlaar – VAT no. 0758979468

The hirer

The person who enters into an agreement with the letter in respect of the rental and use of a holiday home, called the ‘Hut’.

The guests

The hirer and the persons stated by the hirer who use, or shall use, the Hut rented by the hirer.

By paying for the reservation of a Hut, the hirer declares that s/he accepts the terms and conditions and Hutstuf’s Hut rules.

Hutstuf has the right to amend these terms and conditions at any time. In such a case, Hutstuf will take account of the rights and claims of the hirer.

Hutstuf will use the hirer’s data for the execution of the agreement, and may also use that data for marketing purposes.

Art. 2 Payment and reservation 

Hutstuf and the hirer are not bound by the terms and conditions until full payment has been received. If Hutstuf does not receive payment within seven calendar days of the reservation, the reservation lapses and Hutstuf may make the dates for rental available again.

Prices are inclusive of:

  • a stay in the Hut for the specified number of guests
  • use of linen
  • costs for water, gas and electricity
  • tourist tax
  • VAT
  • final clean
  • service costs

Hutstuf accepts the following methods of payment: Mastercard, Visa, Bancontact, iDEAL, Sofort or a gift voucher. A gift voucher can be bought via the website with the same payment methods. A gift voucher remains valid for one year after purchase.

Art. 3 Amendment and cancellation conditions

Amendment or cancellation by the hirer.

Each amendment or cancellation of a reservation by the hirer must be submitted by e-mail to The conditions are as follows:

  • Amendment

A reservation can be amended no less than seven calendar days before the stay, subject to availability. The hirer pays, in this case, no more than the difference of any extra cost for the new dates.

If an amendment is made within seven days of the stay, Hutstuf charges EUR 30 service costs as well as the difference of any extra cost for the new dates.

  • Cancellation

A reservation can be cancelled no less than seven calendar days before the stay, subject to availability. Service costs of just EUR 30 are charged and this amount is deducted from the refund of the rental price and the deposit.

If cancellation is made within seven days of the intended stay, the hirer must pay the entire rental amount.

  • Amendment or cancellation by Hutstuf

If, due to circumstances beyond its control, Hutstuf is forced to cancel or amend a reservation, Hutstuf shall, in consultation with the hirer, find a new date or refund the paid amount in full. If the hirer has already arrived, Hutstuf will, as far as possible, propose alternative accommodation and refund any difference in rental price.

Art. 4 Hutstuf’s rights and obligations

Hutstuf is bound by the agreement once full payment has been received.

Hutstuf undertakes to deliver the rented Hut to the hirer clean and in good condition at the agreed time.

Hutstuf may enter the Hut and the terrain at any reasonable time to check the tenant’s compliance with the terms and conditions and Hut rules. Hutstuf has the right, after notifying the tenant, to carry out urgent maintenance or technical inspections as necessary.

Hutstuf cannot be held liable for:

  • theft, loss or damage during or as a consequence of the stay in the Hut or on the terrain
  • damage or personal injury arising out of a stay in the Hut or on the terrain or the use of the facilities provided
  • facilities being out or order of becoming inoperable
  • technical faults
  • claims for damage or loss arising from nuisance caused by third parties

Art. 5 The hirer’s rights and obligations

The hirer is bound by the agreement once full payment has been made to Hutstuf for the reservation.

The hirer may occupy the Hut from 5 pm on the day of arrival and will leave the Hut no later than 11 am on the date of departure. It is not possible to amend these times.

The hirer is deemed to have accepted the rented property unless s/he reports damage or non-working appliances on the day of arrival.

The hirer must adhere to the agreed number of guests. The hirer may not cede the Hut to third parties for their use, nor allow more persons to stay overnight than agreed upon at the time of reservation, without Hutstuf’s written consent. The hirer may not invite extra guests without Hutstuf’s written consent.

The hirer will use the Hut and the adjoining terrain exclusively as a place for overnight stay and will not engage in any activities there that are contrary to public order and decency. The terrain may not be used for parties or as a location for video and film recordings without prior permission from Hutstuf.

Playing on the terrain around the Hut is always at your own risk and the hirer is responsible for maintaining supervision of children.

It is prohibited to smoke in the Hut or on the terrain. Smoking is only permitted in the car park.

Pets are not permitted in the Hut.

The hirer may only park in the parking place provided.

The hirer must not cause any nuisance to the surroundings or local residents. This includes no decorations (lights, party tent, etc.) and music and other noise must not be heard outside between the hours of 10 pm and 8 am. The peace and quiet of the surroundings must be respected.

The use of candles, barbecue, deep fryer, gourmet or fondue set is not permitted for safety reasons (risk of fire) and odour nuisance.

The hirer will maintain the Hut neatly and cleanly and treat the equipment in and around the Hut with due care. S/he undertakes to report any damage caused by his/her actions or omission immediately.

The hirer shall leave the Hut tidy and swept clean. The hirer may switch on the dishwasher before departure for the last washing up. If the Hut or surroundings are left in such a state that Hutstuf cannot clean them in the normal time, Hutstuf is entitled to charge an additional fee.

By accepting the terms and conditions, the renter declares that s/he is aware that the stay is in the countryside, with all the less pleasant aspects that can entail: bad weather, hunting activities, the presence of insects, and birds and mammals in the vicinity, or even inside, the accommodation.

Art. 6 Complaints and disputes

If the hirer has any questions and/or remarks, s/he can make contact with Hutstuf on the telephone numbers given or at Hutstuf will endeavour to respond and, as appropriate, find a solution, as quickly as possible.

If the hirer is dissatisfied with Hutstuf, s/he can submit a complaint by registered post, or e-mail to within 30 days of the stay in the Hut.

Any dispute in respect of compliance with these terms and conditions shall be settled by the competent courts of the district of Antwerp, Mechelen division, and is subject to Belgian law.